II International Mail Art call the Art Gallery Getafe theme: "My vision for my country"



English Version. To participate in the "II International Mail Art call the Art Gallery Getafe"
You are kindly invited to participate in the "II International Mail Art call the Art Gallery Getafe".
We were motivated by the words "My vision for my country" we decided to use them as the theme for the production of Mail Art. These words are the starting point to imagine, create and reactivate the discussion about places and projects. At the same time, they allow us to combine artistic practicum with our social and political life.
'My vision for my country: a nation where everyone is truly equal, where race isn't an issue, where jobs are created and unemployment is combated. I would love to see all children have access to the best possible education. I would love to see us shift from a nation which only mines to a nation of manufacturers and engineers. I would love to see poverty tackled and the citizens of this land having the tools to become entrepreneurs so that they not only make an income but create employment for others. I would love a government which truly seeks to serve the people and to be open, honest and transparent.' - J.C Maier
How to participate:
We are inviting all artist and general public, no matter their age or residence
About: My vision for my country
Technique: free
Size: 10x15 and 13x18 cm
Quantity: Max. 3 (originals and different)
End of reception: December 31th 2016
Please include name of the artist, e-mail and post code at the back of the piece
Requirements: all the pieces should be sent by postal mail to the postal address that appeared at the bottom of this invitation. All the pieces should be signed by the artist and will be published if there is no offensive content on them.
There is no selection jury, no return.
A certificate will be sent to all participants via e-mail
All the works will be exhibited permanently in our blog. We will upload the works to our blog once received it. And they will be published in:


Organizer: Juan Carlos Caballero Cifuentes. Member of International Union of Mail-Artists.
Send to:
"MY VISION FOR MY COUNTRY"                                      
Calle Hospital de San José, 69-1ºDcha.
28901 GETAFE- (Madrid)
   Mail:     caballerocifuentes@gmail.com      
Invitamos a participar de la II Convocatoria Internacional de Arte Correo de la Galería de arte Getafe.
Nos motiva utilizar como tópico para la producción de arte postal "La visión de mi país",  palabras que, permiten imaginar, crear, reactivar el diálogo sobre lugares y proyectos como así también fusionar la práctica  artística con la vida social y política.
De la participación:
Podrán participar artistas y público en general,  cualquiera sea su lugar de residencia y su edad.
Técnica: libre
Tamaño: 10x15 y 13x18 cm.
Cantidad: Max. 3 (originales y distintas)
Cierre de recepción: 31 de Diciembre de 2016
Incluir: nombre del artista, e-mail y dirección postal en el reverso de la obra.
Condición: Todas las obras deben ser enviadas por Correo Postal a la dirección postal  que figura al pie de la convocatoria, es importante que sean firmadas por el artista y serán publicadas, siempre que no contengan material ofensivo.
Sin jurado de selección, sin devolución o retorno;
Documentación para todos los participantes. Se enviará constancia de participación vía e-mail.
Exhibición permanente online: los trabajos se irán subiendo al blog conforme sean recibidos. Serán publicados en:
Organiza: Juan Carlos Caballero Cifuentes– Miembro de International Union of Mail-Artists.
Enviar a la siguiente dirección:
"LA VISIÓN DE MI PAÍS"                                      
Calle Hospital de San José, 69-1ºDcha.                                         
28901 GETAFE- (Madrid)