MAIL ART CALL International Mail Art Artists Group (I-MAG)http://imagmailart.tripod.com/Now, we have 3 other project on the run in 20071. collaboration project 2. mail art directory project 3. independence projectWe would like to invite all mail artists all over theworld to take part in this project.----------------1. Collaboration Project-A mail art done by 2 mail artists on one piece ofwork -Send your unfinished mail art and the organizer willarrange another mail artist to continue/finish thepiece for you -or send a piece of mail art done by two artists.-Please sign your work. A4 or A3 size. Any Media. (2Donly). -Please use normal mail / posts only. Expressed mailnot accepted. -Please write clearly artists' names, address andemail -Deadline: JULY 15, 2007 -Document will be posted to every 20 pieces of work &after the exhibition -Inquiries: collaboration@imagmailart.cjb.netSend to:COLLABORATION PROJECTI-MAG CENTER1, Jalan Indah Teras JernangBandar Baru Bangi43650 MALAYSIA----------------2. Mail Art Directory Project-Every 20 mail arts will be documented and named 'Vol.One', 'Vol. Two' and so forth. -Postcard size, A3 or A4 size. Any form of media.Please sign your work (2D only). -Normal post only, expressed mail not accepted. -Please write clearly artists' names, address andemail. -Document will be posted to every 20 mail artists.-Inquiries: mailartdirectory@imagmailart.cjb.netSend to:MAIL ART DIRECTORY PROJECTI-MAG CENTER1, Jalan Indah Teras JernangBandar Baru Bangi43650 MALAYSIA----------------3. Independence Project-This mail art project is themed the Independence.What you understand from the theme and how youvisualize it. -This mail art will be exhibited in conjunction of the50th independent Day of Malaysia at one of thegalleries in Kuala Lumpur. -Size: postcard, A3 or A4 size. Any form of media (2Donly). Please sign your mail art. -Normal post only (expressed mail not accepted) -Please write clearly artists' names, address andemail. -Deadline: JULY 15, 2007 -Documentation will be posted after the exhibition -Inquiries: independence@imagmailart.cjb.netSend to:INDEPENDENCE PROJECTI-MAG CENTER1, Jalan Indah Teras JernangBandar Baru Bangi43650 MALAYSIA For further information, please contact the curator:- curator@imagmailart.cjb.net or info@imagmailart.cjb.net----------------Art Project 2007 Artists / mail artists / anyone from around the worldare invited to send mail art on any theme. Piecesshould be no larger than A3 size (Artworks on the backof the envelope, postcards). All work received willbe exhibited in Galeri Seni, Faculty of Art & Design,MARA University of Technology, Shah Alam, MALAYSIA.Documentation to all. No jury, no fee, no return.Postal/ mail delivery only. * (NORMAL POSTAL ONLY, NOCOURIER OR EXPRESS DELIVERY). Deadline: JULY 15, 2007Please visit http://artprojectuitm.tripod.com/Please send your mail art to:-Suzlee Ibrahim(Curator Mail Art Project 2007)Faculty of Art & DesignMARA University of Technology40450 Shah Alam MALAYSIA ----------------M a i l A r t C a l l : 1st MoSA Collections Exhibition 2007Gemarimba Art Gallery, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIAThe 1st. International Mail Art Exhibition in Malaysiawas exhibited at the Galeri Seni, Faculty of Art &Design, MARA University of Technology, Shah Alam,Malaysia, from September to October 2006(http://imagmailart.tripod.com/). The exhibition was ajoined organization between the I-MAG (InternationalMail Art Artists Group) and the Faculty of Art &Design. Artists from 51 countries participated in theexhibition and more than 100 guests attended theopening ceremony. This is an encouraging developmentof mail art in this country since it was the firstmail art exhibition in Malaysia. And because of this,the exhibition extended for two months.With the success from the first exhibition, we havemoved to a commercial gallery in Kuala Lumpur. TheGemarimba Art Gallery is located in Bangsar, an arttown of Kuala Lumpur. We invited artists all over theworld to contribute their work in this exhibitioncalled the 1st MoSA Collections Exhibition (http://mosacollections.tripod.com/)You can send up to 8 artworks, on paper or canvas,sized A4 or A3. There is no participation fee. We haveframes ready for those sizes. However, you may alsosend in postcard sized artwork. We can only accept 2Dwork and normal post (express courier not accepted).Every participation, please include:- Full name,Address, Country, Title of work, Media, Year & E-mailaddressEvery one of the participation will receivecertificate of participation from MoSA (Museum OfSmall Arts) and each artwork will be exhibited at the1st MoSA Collection Exhibition, Gemarimba Art Gallery,Kuala Lumpur. Documentation will be launched online at(http://mosacollections.tripod.com/) and once againprinted documentation after the exhibition.Artworks will not be returned and become thecollection of MoSA. Artworks will be exhibited fromtime to time at public galleries as an extension ofknowledge to public viewers as well as enriching theMalaysian visual arts scene. Closing date is at 5 pm, 15 August 2007For further information please visit:http://mosacollections.tripod.com/E-mail: mosa@imagmailart.cjb.netArtworks should be sent to:A Bakar IdrisCuratorMoSA Exhibition No. 4, Jalan 4 / 74, Section 740000 Shah AlamMALAYSIA